The Fund is the teachers’ fund; it is supported by teacher donations. Just as teachers feel obliged to help needy students, teachers also feel the responsibility
to assist their more unfortunate colleagues. Donations to the HBMF are a gratifying way to help—and donations are tax deductible.
   Contributions can be made to this independent fund in a variety of ways. A number of schools, active and retired locals, counties, Greek letter associations, and state groups solicit donations routinely. The Connecticut Education Association (CEA) will gladly forward any donations. Individuals are also encouraged to give directly to the HBMF. Whatever the method of giving, all donations are sent to:
The Henry Barnard Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 53, West Mystic, CT 06388
~ • ~
Gifts in the name of others will be gratefully acknowledged if addresses are provided.
~ • ~
Another way to help If you know a retired teacher who needs some financial assistance, encourage them to apply or help them fill out an application for the HBMF.